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Error opening file for writing… If you receive the above error when launching Firefox on a Windows system, you may be required by Firefox to log in as an administrator. Anyone else who has this problem, thoroughly check all your system scanners and remove any threats. AliceWyman ‎31-07-2011 04:05 AM Mark as Read Mark as New Bookmark Highlight Print Email to a Friend Report abuse ‎31-07-2011 04:05 AM The first section is "Cannot load websites after updating Since this was never in his article before, do you have a reference?

Here's how it View full article a week ago Memory constraints, Firefox performance and Firewalls REDIRECT Firefox uses too much memory (RAM) - How to fix View full article a week If that's true, the message shown may really depend on its presence and therefore not always show one of both messages. The Firefox application is started using the administrator Windows account. There's a discussion about how to address crashes on startup, but I think the link in this article should try to be more specific or give more info.

Firefox Not Loading Pages

ANY ideas are welcome. Any changes you've made will automatically be saved. Some solutions reported in the threads I checked were basically those from Troubleshoot and diagnose Firefox problems like restarting the computer/ending Firefox process, clearing the cache, disabling extensions (rather than plugins),

Ah, finally I notice instructions on how to start safe mode by holding down the option key. Firefox previously worked If Firefox previously worked but suddenly doesn't start, it may be due to some corrupt data in your settings. I CAN get Firefox to start up with the "-profile manager" tag at the end (not -p OR -profilemanager, note the space...haha it just loaded with "-profile death" as the tag), Firefox Unable To Connect Don't worry, when you reset Firefox we save all of your bookmarks, browsing history, passwords, cookies and web form auto-fill information.

A window with your profile filesfolder will open.Note: If you are unable to open or use Firefox, follow the instructions in Finding your profile without opening Firefox. Firefox Not Working After Update If this works, you can go back to your Firefox settings, if you wish, and select Always ask me where to save my files. I'm using a profile I've perpetuated for 3-4 years. You can start Firefox in Safe Mode by holding down the shift key while starting Firefox.holding down the option key while starting Firefox.quitting Firefox and then going to your Terminal and

I've been battling off Chrome-bois for years now =] Besides, I love using FF and my gamut of extensions. Problems With Firefox Not Responding I'm running Windows 7 HP x64 with all the latest updates. referring to /forums/contributors/707680 and the solution to create a new Places database. Well, now, whenever I try to install firefox (8, 9, or 10-nightlies), after installation firefox will not start up.

Firefox Not Working After Update

This article describes how to make Firefox use less memory. Something I would try would be to create a new Firefox default profile, by renaming "profiles.ini" to "profiles.iniX (to find that file's location on Windows, run %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox) . Firefox Not Loading Pages I'm mentioning it because the firefox process from a previous session might be the problem, not "another" program. Firefox Has Stopped Working The solution is to remove the Firefox program and then reinstall Firefox. (This will not remove your passwords, bookmarks or other user data and settings which are stored in a separate

Updating to the latest version of FF didn't help. I'm mentioning it because the firefox process from a previous session might be the problem, not "another" program. Firefox previously worked If Firefox previously worked but suddenly doesn't start, it may be due to some corrupt data in your settings. The other, specific, solutions should be secondary. Firefox Won't Open Windows 10

About Contact Us Donate Contribute to this site Privacy Cookies Legal Report Trademark Abuse Mozilla: Twitter (@mozilla) Facebook (Mozilla) Instagram (@mozillagram) Firefox: Twitter (@firefox) Facebook (Firefox) YouTube (firefoxchannel) English (US) Sign What do I do now? Find the firefox.exe program file in the Firefox application folder on your system. Information: The "places" files store the annotations, bookmarks, favorite icons, input history, keywords, and browsing history (a record of visited pages).

It's a maze. Firefox Can't Load Websites But Other Browsers Can Troubleshoot your plugins Sites that use plugins such as Java, Adobe Reader, or Flash can cause Firefox to hang. I also found a reference to a fix for a Pentium IV, which was I think 2 computers ago for me...

It is interesting to note, FirefoxPortable runs just fine, I am even running my previous profile with a simple copy/paste of my old profile folder.

Certain types of malware are known to target Firefox and can prevent it from loading various websites: If you have an antivirus or Internet security program, update its detections database and Firefox will not start after installing add-ons If Firefox previously worked but stopped after you installed extensions or themes, see Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox No error message If you click the Firefox icon but no Firefox window opens and no error message is shown, a simple first step is to restart your computer and then Firefox Won't Open No Error Message Do not disable this setting, which will prevent you from accessing the Internet.

of Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware. The about:config "This might void your warranty!" warning page may appear. Needs review. his comment is here Indeed, in that case, we should add it in every troubleshooting articles.

It needs review. The STRANGEST thing happened this week. If Firefox starts but won't load any websites, see Websites don't load - troubleshoot and fix error messages. It may be missing or inaccessible." (was: Profile Cannot Be Loaded) AliceWyman said I did a search and it seems to come up regularly:

See Bug 1106202 for more details. See Maybe we can change the last section of this article to point to Refresh Firefox - reset add-ons and settings AliceWyman ‎15-09-2016 06:14 AM Mark as Read Mark as New Bookmark If the problem goes away, you can then move your bookmarks and other important settings into the new profile.

XULRunner - Error If you see the message, "XULRunner - Error: Platform version is not compatible with minVersion "" ("" depends on version number), after a software update, use another Finally I checked my MS security essentials and found a medium level threat called "resulturl".