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Floppy Drive Probs


But if your computer is not connected to a network, there is no quicker way to back-up or share a file. These problems are called configuration problems, or setup problems. The above picture illustrates what drive should be connected where. repair: It comes down to timeSince it’s common to find floppy disk drives for less than 20 dollars—quite amazing for a component that cost hundreds of dollars just a few years

The best way I've found to do this is through an excellent utility that writes the floppy boot sector for you called Boot_B, which is in the Resouces section at the Those Paranoid Software Companies Those silly programmers! Search for Articles on Acme How To Home | Privacy | Contact Acme | Legal | Advertise Copyright © 2000 - 2017, Acme, Inc. Check that the interface cable to properly and securely connected to both the drive and the motherboard.

Floppy Disk Problems And Solutions

Invalid drive specification - Verify that you floppy drive is setup properly in CMOS Setup. Then, put the machines back together, power up the machines, and test them.Scenario A: The controller's badIf the machine that was originally having the problems is still having problems, the problem If you are running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows 2000 click Start, Shutdown, and Restart the computer to an MS-DOS prompt. Several functions may not work.

If anything here has helped you, please consider donating to help keep this site alive. The BIOS/CMOS Setup Is Your Friend I hope you were paying attention eariler in this Guide, since you're going to need your BIOS/CMOS setup skills when you install it. If its floppy drive also works, you probably just had a loose cable; if it's not, the problem is either the drive itself or the data cable. Floppy Disk Format Error Write Protect Error - Ensure that the disk is not write protected by removing the floppy disk and insuring that you cannot see through both holes; if you can, move the

All rights reserved. My friend Jeff mentioned that "while it's not foolproof, most teac 360k drives have red LED's, while the 1.2mb's are green." If you don't have a Teac drive, though, there are There are several possible culprits, the most likely being the disk format. It's possible to create a boot sector on a floppy disk in drive A: that redirects the boot process over to drive B:, swapping all the BIOS drive references along the

Hardware failure (physical problem with the boot drive) General Failure Error Reading Drive x Corrupted or missing boot files Bad or Missing Command Interpreter Nonsystem Disk or Disk Error Bad File Floppy Disk Not Recognized We must be drive A:. Here are a few ways to help you determine the cause of the problem and some possible fixes. Let's consult our handy-dandy floppy drive installation troubleshooting chart: Problem Solution The drive light does not come on as part of the normal bootup sequence; drive doesn't appear to work While

How To Read A Floppy Disk Without Formatting It

Please report errors to . Now, checking properties, I get the needs to be formated message AGAIN. Floppy Disk Problems And Solutions Go to BIOS setup, and set the boot sequence to start with A. Floppy Drive Not Working Here's how to tell Floppy drive problems can be caused by a variety of conflicts or hardware issues.

Then, put the machines back together, power up the machines, and test them.Scenario A: The controller's badIf the machine that was originally having the problems is still having problems, the problem this content Louis Using The REPORT Button BC Forum Rules Malware Removal Logs Forum Am I Infected Forum Before You Post About A Problem Back to top #7 GRY2 GRY2 Topic Starter Members Software needed: Appropriate networking software. These 1.4 MB disks cannot be read in any Mac without a high-density drive. The Disk Media Is Not Recognized Floppy

However, I have been able to find PCI cards or ISA cards with disk controllers built into them. Louis Using The REPORT Button BC Forum Rules Malware Removal Logs Forum Am I Infected Forum Before You Post About A Problem Back to top #12 GRY2 GRY2 Topic Starter Members The system's configuration settings are normally checked first. You need the holy savior of software, the cloner of copy-protection, the enabler of oldwarez: You need the Central Point Option Board.

In some companies, the floppy drives are disabled for security reasons. Floppy Disk Driver Windows 7 I won't bother you after this, but I feel like I've missed something in setting things up, especially when all my checking with device manager. Normally, symptoms can be divided into three sections: configuration problems, bootup problems, and operational problems.

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The UNP area of the Programmer's Corner seems to be completely missing :-( If you decide to crack or patch a DOS-based game and it works, but is still hard-coded to All rights reserved. You can try, but you'll quickly destroy both disk and drive in the process, in addition to making a complete fool out of yourself. Symptoms Of Floppy Disk Failure Also, floppy disks are sensitive to magnetic fields.

These problems result from mismatches between the system's programmed configuration held in CMOS memory and the actual equipment installed in the system. But what kind of cable? The next time,with a *DIFFERENT* disc I got the same exact files showing, as if I never changed the disc. Errors that occur, or are displayed, before this beep indicate that a hardware problem of some type exists.

FWIW: an operation that must be run on a drive or disk. For more details, see our Terms of Use. This sucks, of course, but that's life. Reverse it and try again.

If you encounter configuration (or setup) errors, refer to the installation instructions found in the new component's installation/user documentation. Eliminating possible conflicts with other hardware If you have recently installed any new hardware, you should consider disconnecting it temporarily it to ensure that it is not the cause of your I've inserted 3 different change in negative messages. Email may be published at our discretion unless marked "not for publication"; email addresses will not be published without permission, and we will encrypt them in hopes of avoiding spammers.

If the disk appears to format correctly and reports 1213952 bytes available on disk, you're done! Those ancient cards do not have TP connector at all - just AUI & BNC." Hardware needed: Network Interface Cards (NIC) on both ends, of course. Since pre-HD Macs don't look for that, they are perfectly content to format these disks to 800k. If it appears to be connected, disconnect, and then reconnect cable to verify cable is seated properly.

Back to top #8 hamluis hamluis Moderator Moderator 51,969 posts OFFLINE Gender:Male Location:Killeen, TX Local time:09:49 PM Posted 13 July 2009 - 08:36 PM's not the drive that is This is usually done by loading up the program in a debugger, such as DEBUG.COM, and tracing through the code until the protection routines are found. The Dresden archive has a ton of patches that don't necessarily remove copy-protection, but rather update older programs to fix problems that prevent them from running on newer machines--speed problems, memory If the floppy disk drive formats properly in MS-DOS but does not format in Windows, it is likely that Windows or a program within Windows is preventing the floppy drive from

Introduction Cripple Your PC Tweaking Floppy Drive Problems Sound Video Emulation Oldskool-Friendly Boxes Conclusion Resources Appendix A: Windows 9x Options [Oldskool Home] [Copyright and Usage] [Disclaimer] [Contact Me] This page's content Just make sure the CMOS settings are correct. Other alternatives for isolating and correcting a hardware failure that appears before the bootup depend on how much of the system is operable.