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Floppy Drive Spin Problem


Finally, check that the disk can be read in its entirety by making another copy of it. De-blocking and moving logical sectors from the BIOS buffer to the user's DMA target area must have taken more time than 1 sector of rotation, even though the BIOS used the Look at the CDC app note cited above for some ideas in the meantime. See this section on 100 tpi 5.25" drives for more information.

I would explore that before replacing the drive. Btw, the drive is a CHINON FB-354 elspero View Public Profile Find More Posts by elspero 22 July 2010, 15:35 #6 Toni Wilen WinUAE developer Join Date: Aug The file directory and sector layout is called "FAT12". For the moment I am not worried about the rev6 drive.

Floppy Disk Repair And Recovery

Keywords: "OEM" "maintenance" "alignment". When the process is done (it will take a minute or two), power cycle the computer and try the disk directory command above on this disk. This linked web page, talks about various software and hardware which supports the examination of diskettes at the track and sector. I am not afraid of soldering/replacing parts.

cleaning disketes Inquiry about stored diskettes In response to the following posted question in comp.os.cpm, Lee Hart wrote this in Aug 22nd 2002 (quoted with permission): [someone] wrote: > > I've There are other ways to re-initialize a system but for now just do that. So in the fall of '77 I was the proud owner of a drive, board kit and software for a mere $699. Repair Damaged Floppy Disk Without such specialized alignment disks, you can verify alignment to some extent.

The BIOS handled the de-blocking with no further logical interleave. "I re-wrote the format utility to allow user-specified sector mark interleaving. Floppy Disk Drive Repair To find out which is the case, try to perform a complete format—not a quick format—on a disk. Said pad is labeled "S4"--remove the 000 ohm SMD resistor connecting the pad to Vcc [+5 volts] and connect that pad ground. Clean the heads with a long QTip and alcohol.

Losing the ability to recognize 800k disks is not uncommon -- I've seen it myself. Cleaning Floppy Drive Good media have lubricants to reduce scuffing. Apple also has a scheme for how files are described (directory) and the file data is distributed (sectors and clusters) on the diskette. At one time, I made a photocopy of one of those patterns, and simply placed it on any drive which did not have such a decal to tune up the speed.

Floppy Disk Drive Repair

Just that simple." "The drive that I pulled off the shelf is has a PCB E950248-60A 611, who knows when it was from, but I suspect '95-98 or so. ...At any If you apply heat to each leg in turn and gently pull on each you will be able to get the capacitors out fairly easily. Floppy Disk Repair And Recovery We've offered these (modified) drives for years for those who need to read old NEC 9800-series 1.3MB 3.5" floppies on their PC. Floppy Drive Head Alignment Posts: 34 Thank you, I'll try that as soon as I can and report back.

Shugart's manuals on their 800/801 drive, include this sort of information.There are some manuals which document brand-name alignment disks - Shugart among others. this content Check with the Shugart 800/801 manual, or let me know, or ask ME to check the manual!) Here's some publically posted information from Usenet group comp.os.cpm by Jeff Jonas in May Do you want to initialize this floppy? Then it puts up the first requester again saying that the floppy in the upper drive is unreadable. Floppy Disk Problems And Solutions

So, I think I gonna leave this floppy disk drive like that for a better times... If it's at three or nine, that is your problem and you have a fixable drive. • On the bottom of the eject motor is a stainless plate held to the The seller indicates that the drive > "Features 100 TPI DSR" ?????? Is it on the outside of the cookie magnetic platter, or the inside (like optical media are written from the inside out)?" Sectors are numbered from "1"; tracks are numbered from

It could be the disk's fault. Clean Floppy Disk This issue arose again in comp.os.cpm in March 2006. You can get replacement Mac parts from suppliers (see this site's links page).

Further along in the discussion, Rich Cini said "I actually have found that the [YE Data] YE-380 drives from the PC-AT work pretty well.

Insert a disk you don't care about getting overwritten into the drive. More comments about diskette media quality is in this document of a discussion with Chuck Guzis, formerly of Sydex. DD 5.25" and all 3.5" drives spin at 300 rpm, 8" and HD 5.25" [drives] at 360 rpm. It can cause damage not just to the "bad" diskette with fragile coatings, but to subsequent diskettes read on that drive.

Language Coders. If you listen closely you can hear a click click click as each track is formatted. I also know that the NS* MDS was the first complete minifloppy system under 1000$ then as I was an early adoptor as a major improvement to the then Altair 8800. check over here For more information about this stuff - look for ancient manuals by the drive manufacturers, specific to the drives YOU are using, where they discuss maintenance in detail.

I disassembled the drive, and discovered that some tracks were corroded. Media would start to flake fairly quickly. track bit density, innermost track (76 or 77) 3200-3600 bpi for single density, 6400-6500 bpi for double density rotation speed 360 RPM track density 48 tpi (tracks per inch) track width: These facilitate testing - go to this track or that and note results, adjust like this.

But as drives and controllers got more adept, everything seemed to become automated [in the drive]." One other comment. If your floppy cable has more than one connection, verify that you have connected the floppy to the appropriate connection. The vast majority of physical problems with floppy drives have to do with the read/write heads. Verify that the floppy connection is connected to the motherboard FDD connector.

It’s cheaper and easier to replace the drive than to align the heads.If you suspect that the heads are just dirty, you can try using a can of spray air to I bought the 10uF capacitor the other day, but I am actually having trouble finding the 56uF one in my city; I'll keep searching around. To count holes, grab a diskette. THOSE drives are VERY hard to find; I have ONE of them.

All used with hard sector NS MDS [systems]. If you use a neon lamp or some fluorscent lamps, the 60 HZ (or 50 HZ) line current variations in the lamp would cause the rotating pattern to stand still, IF These test disks "should" be disks that are bulk-erased (a AC magnet used to erase old audiotapes is a common tool). Contact me for more docs or to contact Larry. - Herb See the notes below on 3.5-inch drives for related work.) 3.5" drives: changing rotation speed (300 360 RPM), replacing 8-inch