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Floppy & Modem Problem


Connect the computer to an electrical outlet. Click the Hardware tab. Let's consult our handy-dandy floppy drive installation troubleshooting chart: Problem Solution The drive light does not come on as part of the normal bootup sequence; drive doesn't appear to work While When in doubt remove your RAM and reseat it in the memory socket. his comment is here

A program crashes NOTE: Software usually includes installation instructions in its documentation or on a floppy disk or CD. If the external monitor works, the computer display or video controller may be defective. You can double-check that the RAM is secure by making sure the tabs on the sides of the memory slot have latched into the memory module you are installing.   06. In control panel select the "Network and Dial up Connections" icon. https://arstechnica.com/civis//viewtopic.php?f=11&t=806109

Floppy Disk Drive Problems

Swap the printer cable with a cable that you know is working. Then turn off the computer, reinstall the hard drive, and restart the computer. Check the mouse cable — Shut down the computer. This is done to cause the drive at the end of the cable to appear as A: to the system and the one in the middle to be as B:.

Turn on the printer and computer, and try again to print. If t does not, then hit escape and just make sure the first device listed is now your floppy drive. A POST test is one of the most important steps in building your own computer that can sometimes give users problems. Contact Dell — If you cannot solve your problem using the Dell Support website (support.dell.com) or e-mail service, call Dell for technical assistance.

In the Edit Location window, ensure that To disable call waiting, dial: is checked, and then select the proper code as listed in your telephone directory. Floppy Disk Problems And Solutions Without the twist, for two floppy drives to be used, one had to be jumpered as A: and the other as B:. If you have been listening to MP3 songs, make sure that you did not turn the player volume down or off. To uninstall your modem follow these steps: Right Click on "My Computer" and select "Properties" Click on the "Hardware" tab in the top middle of the new window, and then select

If the modem fails this test you should try to uninstall and reinstall the modem software. [STEP #4] 03.  Make Sure You can Connect to Your ISP: Now we need to Click "More Info" button. Contact Dell. Insert a bootable disk and restart the computer.

Floppy Disk Problems And Solutions

What if you don't know what drive you have? https://www.cs.utexas.edu/~deke/laptopsupport/manuals/d600/problems.htm Run the Diskette tests as described in "Using the Dell Diagnostics." Diskette read failure — The floppy disk may be defective. Floppy Disk Drive Problems Viruses can sometimes prevent Windows from recognizing the drive. What Is Used To Prevent The Motherboard From Touching Metal? Find an old 5.25" drive somehow.

By insomica in forum Customising & Remastering Replies: 4 Last Post: 09-11-2003, 06:05 PM sound / modem / 3.5 floppy/ does not work help please By nitrousracer2000 in forum Hardware & this content Any problems at this point? Connect the computer directly to an electrical outlet — Bypass power protection devices, power strips, and the extension cable to verify that the computer turns on. The drive placed after the second twist is B:. Windows 10

Jump to: Serial Cables | USB Adapters | Blank Disks | ADTPro Disks Apple IIc, Laser 128 null modem Approximately 6 feet long, made with shielded cable. Connect the modem directly to the telephone wall jack — If you have other telephone devices sharing the line, such as an answering machine, fax machine, surge protector, or line splitter, Contact your telephone company for instructions on restoring a dial tone. weblink Implementation: These are usually included with older custom file transfer software, like LapLink or FastLynx.

Addressed additional issues with application compatibility and Internet Explorer I haven’t personally experienced any problems with my Wi-Fi, but if it’s something that affects you, you may be able to solve Turn off the computer, remove the hard drive, and boot the computer from a bootable floppy disk or CD. The second twist "reverses" the effect of the first one and makes the connector at the end of the cable operate the same way a drive that appears before the twist

I would compare it to paying $1000 dollars for a Gremlin [dial up internet] as vs. $1500 for BMW. [High speed internet].

Press the ENTER key now. Adjust the volume using keyboard shortcuts — See "Using the Keyboard and Touch Pad." Press to disable (mute) or reenable the integrated speakers. Sound and Speaker Problems Fill out the Diagnostics Checklist as you complete these checks. Reinstall the drive.

Turn off the computer, remove the hard drive, and boot the computer from a bootable floppy disk or CD. The Dresden archive has a ton of patches that don't necessarily remove copy-protection, but rather update older programs to fix problems that prevent them from running on newer machines--speed problems, memory If the status light is not green, try replacing the network cable. http://casualobserver.net/floppy-disk/floppy-a-problem-error.html Time-of-day not set-please run the System Setup program — The time or date stored in the system setup program does not match the system clock.

It only requires a single power cable too, although you still need two controller cable connections, of course.