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Floppy Drive Spinning Mad

Simple. That's probably the best way if you have a Model I, because a stock Model I can read and write only single density, but many PCs cannot deal with single density If not, try the freezer for a few more.This actually has worked for me in the past.From: Neal MenkusThings we have done in the past that worked:1. Video cards all have ports on them that allow you to plug standard monitors into them. his comment is here

CD-RW (Compact Disk Read Write) drives can be used to "burn" new software of music CD's. The price is $59.95. [5] What is a .DSK file? There were some 1.2 M 5 1/4 floppies that had a jumper that allowed t hem to spin at 300 and at 360 RPMs. See topic [5] and the rest of this FAQ for instructions on how to deal with .DSK files.

These steps have made me a hero more than once on my 17 years as a PC tech and/or salesman. You can contact them via the Web at The Modem Modems are modified phones. Get a TRS-80 emulator that supports both .DSK files and real floppy drives.

The client needs to make the choice as to whether the expense of this solution is worth the recovery of the data.8. Radio Shack Unlimited also stocks (or can make up) full packages of some software, including manuals. The program is now available on the Web at Jeff Vavasour's Model III/4 emulator.

Place the drive in a freezer for about 10 minutes.3. If anything doesn't work, go back and carefully recheck your wiring. Great job btw! There actually are unzip programs that run on a TRS-80, but they're slow and may not support all the compression types used by modern zip programs.

You can spot it by the 'mic' and 'speaker' ports on its back. There is a trimmer capacitor that can be adjusted to fix it. If this does not work, is the drive spinning?? So on the bench machine with the drive out where the dryer could get to it and still be hooked up, I began the process.

I would also install a new disk into the original PC with O/S on and ask the user to ensure all data is put onto the network (if possible).? If person has data they cannot live without and the drive is not running, take the drive out of the computer and slam it down to the desktop to get the Hunt? At first, the mechanism was stuck.

Hard drives vary in size. this content The procedure is generally similar to the instructions outlined above, but the details depend on which copy utility you're using. The command MEMORY (A="N", B=128) will do this. Usually if the drive is not making a clicking sound I am successful in recovering the data.From: Scott GrevingI've run into this scenario numerous times.

It is important to verify the part number on the chip itself. The Intel 82077AA and 82077SL data sheet clearly states these parts support FM. I'm told that you might have to bug people for a while and maybe ask for a supervisor or someone who's been there longer, before you find someone who believes this weblink AMOS Coders.

You can still order some software from Tandy Software Replacement and/or Radio Shack Unlimited, formerly Radio Shack National Parts. elspero View Public Profile Find More Posts by elspero 25 July 2010, 15:27 #11 elspero Registered User Join Date: Jul 2010 Location: . The patch is also useful if for some reason you need to make Model I disks on a Model III or 4.

Sorry; I can't help with the details, but see topic [23] for more help with NEWDOS/80. (D) For copy-protected disks (or normal disks, actually), you can also try running one of

If drive spins normally and stays spinning, try listening for irregular sounds emitting from the drive. If the disk is not write protected try another floppy disk. How can I fix it? Even if you happen to restart the faulty Slave drive, you must copy your info to the Master so that you are not placed in the same situation again because the

The first one is a rev5, the second a rev6. That wire is the index sense line. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply[–]LaserGuidedTaco 0 points1 point2 points 4 months ago(2 children)System of a Drive permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply[–]SmokeDaTrees 0 points1 point2 points 4 months ago(1 child)CMON ITS LIKE THE THIRD COMMENT, AT LEAST TRY permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply[–]LaserGuidedTaco 2 points3 points4 check over here The unregistered shareware version can be downloaded for free, but omits a few features.

Method (1) directly modifies the system diskette with a patch. Rap the drive just SLIGHTLY harder than you did above in 2.5. Bulk-erase a 5.25-inch floppy, preferably using an AC bulk tape eraser as sold by Radio Shack and others. If the drive works in this system, but not in the original system, then perhaps the old system has more serious problems such as a bad IDE controller.4.

Many of the newer NS parts will identify themselves to software as PC87306, but may not support single density.