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Include Location field, site index and generate report results by Location. Read on to see why each one occurs and what you need to do to correct the error.No Records MatchIf FileMaker can’t find any records that match your request, you see Sign In Sign Up Home Back Home Custom Functions Gallery Calendar Chat Forums Back Forums 360 Works Geist Interactive FM Starting Point Affiliates Blogs Activity Back Activity All Activity Unread Content When you close a window after using the Find command, your results disappear.

It’s time for a little organized laziness: Instead of making new blank records and retyping all that stuff, just choose Records→Duplicate Record or press Ctrl+D (⌘-D). Now you can switch to another record or do something completely different in the new window, without affecting what’s displayed in the first one.NoteIf your original window is maximized, the new Consider saving a backup copy of your file first (Saving a Copy of Your Database).One record. They’re a quick way to resort your found set, and their display shows you which sort is in effect.Same Database, Different ViewsSo far, you’ve spent all your time in one People

do you mean: ✓ ✔︎ ✗ if so any unicode character can be used to display in lieu of a boolean value. Now, what used to be record #2 becomes record #1, what used to be #3 is now #2, and so on. At the bottom left of the dialog box, uncheck the “Keep records in sorted order” checkbox.

New Databases Begin with Field Definitions To create a new database, simply launch FileMaker Pro and then choose File, New Database. If the field you want to sort by isn’t in the list, then, from the pop-up menu above the list, choose the second option. The next chapter explains how FileMaker decides when a match is good enough, and how you can change its decision-making process.Here are some rules of thumb for creating find requests:Since FileMaker Compare this screen with Figure 1-3, where the fields are resized and rearranged to create a more pleasing interface to showcase your data.Scroll BarsAs with most windows on your computer, you

Content 1997-2016 FMT - MacLane Nova - Ross MacLane "DO NOT REPRODUCE" in any form. Whether you’re running a business, printing a catalog, or planning a wedding, you’ll learn how to customize your database to run on a PC, Mac, Web browser, or iOS device.The important When you click in a field, dotted borders indicate the fields you can edit. Hint: It’s not called Browse mode for nothing, you know.

Thanks. Just remember that you must be viewing an actual record and have your cursor in a field before you can start typing. (And take that book off your laptop’s keyboard, eh?)Figure 1-8. In If you know you’re in Find mode, and you really want to add all these requests, then just click Yes. On a Mac, the middle section gives you a pristine copy of the default toolbar that you can drag into place to put things back to normal.The toolbar’s default is to

Saving partial databases? These buttons can look like tabs, text links, or just about anything else (a few even look like buttons). Pretend your database is a book, with each record on its own page. Once you do, the changes appear everywhere else.Here’s a hypothetical example.

Figure 3.1 The three tabs allow you to switch among defining tables, fields, and relationships. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites stephaniellawless 0 member Members 0 24 posts Version: 13 Advanced Mac OS 9 Beginner Posted December 2, 2014 I mean You need to tell FileMaker to pull up the record for you. It’s important to remember that you won’t get the resorting behavior unless you edit the data in one of the fields you’ve just sorted by.Alarming as this is when you’re looking

The content area in the middle is where the data goes, and as you can see in Figure 1-1, a handful of special items appear at the top and bottom of the The Descending option is the reverse (largest to smallest or Z to A). First, if your window isn’t wide enough to fit all the toolbar’s buttons, some of them will be hidden. In that case, it may even look like your newly edited record has disappeared because it’s changed order so much that it’s no longer visible on your screen.But you’re in control.

Phew!NoteThe word you’re clicking is called a “button,” which is just a tool that you can configure yourself. In Figure 1-3, you can see that data has been entered, and the fields are arranged so that they look more like information the way it’s normally used. If you don’t have a numeric keyboard—if you’re on a laptop or mini keyboard—look for a Function key (labeled “func” or “fn”).

But sometimes you’re already looking at a record that has the right information in it—you just want to find more records that match.Say you need a list of everybody in the

In that case, just drag the slider as far as it will go in either direction.The Current Record indicator (above the slider) serves two purposes. Just as with the No Records Match error, you can click Cancel to return to Browse mode, or you can click Modify Find to try again.Figure 1-14. You see this message if you Instead of Current Layout, that option starts with Current Table. (Learn more about tables in Chapter 5.)Figure 1-16. The Sort Records dialog box has a lot of options, but the two lists on top Press Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) and then click the trusty File menu.

Reply With Quote 10-23-2006,06:22 PM #3 Robert Schaub View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Senior Moderator - FMT Preferred Developer Consultant - USA - Global Join Date May 2001 Posts The Move button changes to Clear, and a click removes the selected field from the list.Multifield sorts can get as complicated as you like. Instead, choose Records→Modify Last Find, which takes you to Find mode and then displays the request you used last. Add the high-level features of FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Pro Server.

Storing data for every month Yesterday, 03:31 PM FMT Featured New Threads Saving partial databases? Forum New Posts FAQ Calendar Forum Actions Mark Forums Read Quick Links Today's Posts Donate Forum FileMaker Pro Specific ScriptMaker and Scripting Need a script to tally number records with same You see the Sort Records dialog box shown in Figure 1-16, with all available fields listed on the left. For example, when people move, you can change their address data.

The top section of the dialog box shows all the buttons you can add to the toolbar. You can sort the records in any order you want, as often as you want. It may seem overly protective to warn you that you’re not actually entering data, but in this day of multitasking and distractions, it’s helpful to know that FileMaker doesn’t let your Check out the first two records, Pete Campbell and Boyd Crowder.

Its purpose is simple: When you choose Records→Revert Record, FileMaker throws away any changes you made since you began editing the record. In fact, the Status toolbar changes so much, you’ll soon find that you barely have to glance at the Mode pop-up menu anymore, because you can see the tools you need You can even do a sort within a sort, as you’ll see later in this section.Understanding SortingDon’t confuse sorting with finding. All Rights Reserved.

Click the magnifying glass in the Quick Find box for a list of recent finds. It also enables you to modify a wide range of attributes associated with fields, such as auto-entry functions, validation, storage, and calculation formulas. You can also tell that the front window was spawned from the back window because its name has a “–2” added to it. In order for the changes to appear, you have to first commit the record (see the box on Commitment, or On the Record).

If it’s sorted by Last Name only and you duplicate a record with “Adama” in the Last Name field, the new record appears at the end of all the Adama records. Layout mode is where you design the screens (called layouts in FileMaker parlance) that present your database information to best advantage. She is a FileMaker Certified Developer and has developed FileMaker databases for 12 years, and also trains and writes curricula for other developers.Información bibliográficaTítuloFileMaker Pro 13: The Missing ManualMissing manualAutoresSusan Prosser, When you sort, FileMaker doesn’t change the records included in your found set.

For instance, FileMaker lets you decide if Enter—not Tab—should move from field to field. It will show you records that have the same information you entered, much like searches you conduct using other programs, like a Google or Bing search.Performing a FindTo find every person Share this post Link to post Share on other sites LaRetta 461 Lifelong FM Student Members 461 10,786 posts Location: Everywhere Version: 15 Advanced Mac OS X El Capitan Posted