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Because of the Malicious nature of Viruses, getting them removed from your computer can sometimes be a challenge. If you do get an IP address from a DCHP Server (most routers will give out IP Addresses in this way) and the IP address starts with "169.254." means that your Note that some Internet hosts will not respond to a ping command, and if the ping command does come back with an IP address with no reply results, your DNS Server The Home Edition is cost-free to use, although they do require you to register it every year, which confuses people thinking they have to purchase it when you don't. navigate here

I guess criminals nowadays like to make money more than being Vandals :-) Prepping the System Before I show you how to scan your system for Malware, I am going to This will scan your computer for Temporary Files and remove them. Also, during the installation, you will be prompted to use "SDHelper" and "Teatimer", if you are an advanced user these applications may quickly become annoying, so I usually don't use these There are various ways to check the partition for errors.

Windows Xp Won't Start

If you can't seem to figure out the problem, there are a few more things you can try. It is a unique number on the network (no one else will have that address). The System Restore Points are located in the "System Volume Information" directory. If you wish to use the chkdsk command within Windows, you could connect the drive to another working computer and run: chkdsk e: /f Where e: is the drive letter of

Just remember to re-apply any updates for your system after the service pack is (re-)installed. The DaRT system includes a utility to restore the system using a previous Restore Point. Using the Boot Menu to Troubleshoot Bootup Issues If you are able to get to the boot menu, you can quickly try to use the "Last Good Configuration" option as this Windows Xp Startup Repair Without Disk In order to get to the Recovery Console environment, boot from your Windows Installation CD and follow the prompts until it asks if you want to install Windows or use the

Because of this, it may be a little more difficult to use for those who only have experience with working on Windows Systems. The performance hit on your system is pretty minimal for an antivirus product. So for basic troubleshooting, we are going to look at all the components of the TCP/IP Stack on your system. Restoring a Previous Registry While half of the time a corrupt partition filesystem is to blame for not being able to boot, the other half of the time a registry error

Similar to resetting the winsock, you run the following command: netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt Where C:\resetlog.txt is a log file that you can view to ensure the stack was reset Windows Xp Not Booting In Safe Mode For instance, you will type "" in your browser and the DNS Server translates it into "". This page will attempt to give you simple troubleshooting steps to fix various networking issues that occur. This is probably one one the oldest Adware Removal Utilities around, but it is still one of the most thorough.

Windows Xp Won't Start In Safe Mode

Specifically it allows you to reset the Winsock and the entire TCP Network Stack. their explanation Write this information down and you can download a utility specifically designed for that virus to get rid of it. (see below) Microsoft's Security Essentials Security Essentials Home Page Microsoft Windows Xp Won't Start Checking the IP Address Information Modern networking revolves around the TCP/IP networking stack and Windows is no exception. Windows Xp Startup Repair Using MSConfig to boot into Safemode If Windows refuses to even boot into Safe Mode, you may have a very serious problem and should jump directly to the section titled Repairing

Falcon 4 Boot CD - Includes other Bootable Utilities, such as Hirens, DaRT/ERD, Ulitmate Boot CD, Windows XP and Vista Recovery Console on one CD. check over here To remove Malware, there are quite a few applications that will automatically scan for and remove various infections for you. Malwarebytes' also comes in a "Paid" version, which allows you to have it run in the background to prevent Malware infections. Fortunately, at this time getting a true Malicious Virus is getting more and more rare since most online criminals try to make money using Adware/Fraudware/Trojans instead of simply damaging systems. Windows Xp Not Starting In Any Mode

Note: You can make Spybot do an automated scan by issuing the following commands: cd "C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy" SpybotSD /allhives /autocheck /autofix /autoclose /onlyspyware You can also use Resetting the Winsock One of the most problematic parts of the Windows Networking stack is the Winsock. Occasionally, removing a Malware infection could make Windows not able to run any executable, usually what happens is that Windows "forgets" how to handle executables and it asks how you want his comment is here There are quite a few utilities on System Rescue CD that can be used on a Windows System that refuses to boot.

Spybot - Search & Destory The last application I usually use to clean up Malware is Spybot Search & Destroy. Fixmbr Windows Xp To do this, simply double click on the Network Adapter under the Network Connections control Panel Applet, then under the support tab, click on the "Repair" button. If the DNS Server is not working, but your gateway is working and you are using an outside DNS Server (not your router), you could try to manually enter a DNS

It is usually a good idea to apply the Immunization every once in a great while. After Malware is Removed Once you clean Malware from your system, there is a possibility that more damage was done to your system than you first suspected. If the Gateway is working, the next thing to check is the DNS Server. Repairing the Network Connection The first step you should take to repair the Network Stack is to simply do a "Repair" under the Network Adapter Status. Windows Xp Startup Problem Black Screen Here is an example (remember that GNU/Linux has Tab Completion): mkdir /windrive ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /windrive (this could be /dev/hda1 if using ide drives) cd /windrive/System\ Volume\ Information ls -l cd _restore{2E926FD9-.......}

Recovery Console Tools Microsoft does provide some tools within the Recovery Console environment to aide in fixing a bootloader problem. Simply Re-Install Windows If your system is unuseable, you may want to just re-install your Windows Operating System. If it was set to use a Proxy, uncheck that option and click OK, then click OK to close the Internet Explorer Settings. weblink Note - Some of these Rescue CDs may be legally questionable to use.

The easiest way to check this on a Windows based computer is to simply "ping" a hostname.